和其他许多行业一样, 铁路行业越来越重视可靠性, 可用性, and connectivity to ensure maintenance and operational costs are optimized. It needs to develop robust and aerodynamic rail car designs that provide comfort and safety to the passengers. To succeed companies must exploit CAE as early as possible in the process to drive decision making and deliver designs on time, 在目标, 和成本.

Digitalization has also emerged as a key driver for innovation in railways. 它为简化操作提供了重要的机会, 提高资产的可靠性, and enhance passenger (or freight customer) experience while reducing costs. It is being used to derive real-time information on rail movements and is an enabler of predictive maintenance for fixed assets and rolling stock.



司机与乘客环境: Competition in the rail industry requires constant innovation to make the passenger experience more pleasant and convenient. 先进的噪声、振动、刺耳(NVH)分析 ope苹果客户端®OptiStruct® is used broadly to ensure the passenger experience is enhanced, and quality is further addressed by Altair®Squeak and Rattle Director™. ope苹果客户端CFD™ provides solutions engineers need to design better passenger compartment airflow and thermal comfort.



网络连接: Equipment connectivity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is essential to today’s rolling stock, 并且可以优化 ope苹果客户端®Feko® and ope苹果客户端®®通量. Feko is widely for the design and placement of antennas and modeling wave propagation for network simulation. Feko还可以模拟电缆的辐射和辐照, antennas, 并告知设备设计有效屏蔽. Flux can evaluate the magnetic field radiated by power cables and busbars, and the effect of external fields on the operation of sensors or actuators.

Production of the welded construction of the TransANT freight car innovation, 铁路货运集团(RCG)与奥钢联集团共同发展. TransANT is a revolutionary platform concept that creates a new standard in the freight transport market. The modular lightweight construction of TransANT offers a payload advantage of up to four tons, 这也实现了20%的轻起落架. ©RCG_Steinberger


优化和稳健的设计: ope苹果客户端®OptiStruct® and ope苹果客户端®HyperStudy® are powerful tools in design development to meet performance requirements, 同时还要权衡利弊. railcar body optimization achieves the structural requirements for safety, 声学, 重量和成本. Bogie designs achieve the optimal balance of durability, 声学, assembly and performance. Seat optimization helps meet all safety, weight and comfort requirements. Pantograph design benefit from an optimal robustness, impact, and 传输 效率.

粒度分析: Detailed occupant simulation using certified occupant models and seat models for crash and impact simulations are performed with ope苹果客户端®收音机®. It is the leading solution for performing dynamic simulations on the impact of metallic and composite structures.

对铁路行业的耐久性要求 ope苹果客户端®HyperLife® provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use durability analysis workflow. 它是自动化的 焊接认证 并符合DVS、Eurocode和FKM等行业规范. 对于负载周期的生成, ope苹果客户端®MotionSolve® is a powerful product for full dynamic simulation, including those with flexible bodies.


现代机动转向架是多面铁路系统. The construction of wheels and wheelsets in combination with the traction motor, 传输, primary and secondary suspension are the essential elements of a railway vehicle. 铁路工程必须包括设计、运行和维护.


电气传动系统。: ope苹果客户端®FluxMotor® is dedicated to the simulation-driven design of electric rotating machines. 它使用户能够从标准部件或定制部件进行构建, 添加绕组和更换材料,以快速开发概念设计. 通量模型甚至是最复杂的 机电系统 证明的准确性. 它提供了多物理能力-磁静态, 稳态, 和瞬态条件, along with electrical and thermal properties – to optimize machine performance, 效率, 维, cost, 和重量.

减少停机时间,延长使用寿命:资产管理 物联网 (物联网)催生了关键资产的“数字双胞胎”. 数字的双胞胎 帮助组织优化产品性能, 了解产品的使用寿命, 知道何时何地进行预测性维护, 以及如何延长产品的剩余使用寿命(RUL).


Driving a Sustainable rail - Cargo Solution Simulation Helps TransANT Meet Weight and Weld Certification Requirements

而铁路是最环保的交通工具, freight trains today do not look much different than those from the past. To reach the climate and energy targets of the European Union while achieving higher payloads and a better ROI, the railway sector needs an innovation boost to build more efficient and sustainable rail freight wagons. 跟GmbH是一家, a joint venture with ÖBB rail Cargo Group and voestalpine Steel Division, was established to bring more efficient and sustainable rail freight solutions to the market. With its innovative concept based on modularity and lightweight design, once operational the company seeks to revolutionize the market as a full supplier of freight wagons. The company used Altair® HyperWorks® for topology optimization – in particular Altair® HyperMesh® – to realize the transition to a weldable structure, Altair®HyperView®用于前处理和后处理, and ope苹果客户端®OptiStruct® for FEA (including local buckling) and optimization.



日本Sharyo uses AcuSolve simulation to make Japan’s bullet trains safer, more comfortable


sharma & 的同事

sharma & 同事(SA), a Chicago-based consulting firm that is focused on providing engineering solutions to the railroad industry, 领导的努力. 自1995年以来, SA已安全交付, 为客户提供高效的解决方案, 包括联邦铁路管理局(FRA), 美国铁路协会, 铁路和运输机构, 轨道车建筑商和轨道车零部件制造商. The objective of the Altair ProductDesign team effort was to develop an ‘Engineer Protection System (EPS)’ that can protect train crew in frontal collisions (a common mode of train collision) from secondary impact injuries.


Validation Ensures Trains Are on Track to Meet European Safety Standards

Numerical simulation aids in the design of passive safety systems to minimize passenger injury during railway 事故.